Free Cloud Desktop

The Free Cloud Desktop Beta program is here now. We are finished with our Private Beta Testing and Feedback Program. Click this link for more information: Free Cloud Desktop. While there will be great improvements to the Free Virtual or Cloud or Web Desktop coming, we think some of you will really like the first version […]

Even Your Government Gets the Cloud

You now you are really waiting too long when the Government is ahead of you in technology. To be fair they are under a lot of pressure to be more efficient, cut costs, increase security and such. But you have just as much to gain by using Cloud Technology and getting onto the Free Cloud […]

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.

People like convenience. The trouble is that sometimes we get used to doing things a certain way. When something better comes along, we don’t notice it or we resist it out of habit. We cling to things that no longer serve us. Now, we are clinging to our devices. The Cloud really is the computer […]

Free Cloud Desktop

Get your own Free Cloud Desktop at Sign up for the eNews and Updates in the upper right hand corner of this page at Desktop Anywhere to be notified when you can sign up. The main point of The Cloud for an end user is to have access to their data, folders, email, music, files, bookmarks […]