Free Cloud Desktop

Free Cloud Desktop is a means to access your computer, or desktop, from your computer for free. While this can be on a network, it really means via the cloud for most folks. Cloud Desktops have been around for a while, but a Free Cloud Desktop is another story. While Apple and Microsoft charge for […]

Free Cloud Desktop is taking off

The Free Cloud Desktop is rolling along. From Ubuntu, to AWS, to RDP, No Machine and all the rest are still plowing along. If you haven’t done so, try it out. Amazon Web Services based Cloud Desktops are very cool.

Even Your Government Gets the Cloud

You now you are really waiting too long when the Government is ahead of you in technology. To be fair they are under a lot of pressure to be more efficient, cut costs, increase security and such. But you have just as much to gain by using Cloud Technology and getting onto the Free Cloud […]