Free Cloud Desktop

A Free Cloud Desktop is just what you need to be able to get your stuff anywhere. Sure, certain devices are nice and mobile is great, but why not have a way to make just about any computer, your computer too. A Free Cloud Desktop that works with your other devices, whether you have them with you or not.

Now, with computing on The Cloud, you can have your favorite devices but be free of them to. Your stuff and your devices should come to you. There is no need to think about where you are going to be and what you need if everything is available on The Cloud.

And sure, you could get a bunch of different services that had all your things, but every device you used would look different. Don’t you want your desktop to be the same no matter what computer you are using? Don’t you want access to your stuff anywhere in the world, any time that you need it or want it?


Free Cloud Desktop from

Free Cloud Desktop

Of course you do. And that is why we are giving away a Free Cloud Desktop to you. This is a production version that will not only allow you to have a Free Cloud Desktop, but you will keep up to date with new and better versions by signing up.

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